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N & K Security brings years of experience and expertise to protecting home environments. If you have concerns about your level of security, just give us a call and we'll set up a time to come by and make a thorough security analysis of your residence - at no charge. If you're also a small business owner, or have more than one residence, let's arrange to review your other needs at the same time. We'll advise and offer options for achieving the level of security you require. From alarm systems to a full response team, you can count on N & K Security to protect what you value most!


If you are concerned that investigating alarms at your home or office may jeopardize the safety of yourself, your family or your friends, then N & K is the perfect solution to ease your mind.  Our Mobile Personnel will respond to your alarms in the Pigeon Lake, Wizard Lake, & Battle Lake areas - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. N & K Security responds swiftly to your safety and security needs. Once on site, N & K will make a full exterior sweep of the residence or business (there are exceptions) to confirm alarm. Our Mobile Security Personnel will take further action depending on the nature of the alarm, what they find, and your prior instructions. After the emergency situation is resolved, you'll receive a complete Incident Report detailing our efforts and the results of our on-site investigation. With N & K Security, help is only minutes away.

Alarm systems are designed to both deter and detect intruders.  A basic security system will consist of perimeter and space protection to secure your premises.  Perimeter protection by way of door and window contacts, which are used to detect opening, and glassbreak detectors that listen for the sound of breaking glass.  Interior protection is provided by motion detectors, which look for movement.  When the alarm system is “armed”, any such detection initiates an alarm.

Alarm systems are designed to do many other important tasks as well, some of which are monitoring for low temperature, high temperature, fire, carbon monoxide, flood.
All alarm systems should be monitored in order to be effective.  When a system is monitored, alarms are transmitted to an alarm receiving station where they can be acted upon promptly by the appropriate response authority – police, fire, or medical.  

N & K Will: 

  • perform a site inspection and discuss your individual security needs.  Every home is unique and the system should be tailored to fit your needs, lifestyle and price range. 
  • Evaluate your home and highlight the measures you can take to improve your security over and above the addition of a burglar alarm system.
  • We will send our own installers to complete your installation process from start to clean up
  • Provide you with complete protection including emergency response, holiday checks, regular house checks and 24 hour service for the PIGEON LAKE, WIZARD LAKE, BATTLE LAKE AREAS ONLY.
  • Provide you with a list of emergency response, holiday patrol checks, regular house checks and 24hr service PROVIDERS FOR YOUR AREA if you are not located in the above-noted areas


According to studies, in nearly half of burglaries, the thieves enter the premises through the front door.  Other studies showed that 80% of break-ins to households are committed by going through doors.

Check Your Doors and Locks
Strong, well-built doors and doorways will be an excellent defense against preventing a burglary.
Doors should fit snugly in their frames so that it is difficult to insert a credit card, a screwdriver, or a crowbar into the separating space.
Doors should open outwards so they are not easily kicked in and should be fitted with an appropriate dead bolt lock.
Check Your Yard and Lighting
Large hedges or bushes located near the house should be trimmed back so they do not provide a hiding place.
When you are not home, interior lights should turn on and turn off periodically.  Light timers are an excellent method of providing this service.
Outside lighting should cover all your doorways and entrances. Motion sensitive spotlights are a great way to light up your driveway or the path beside your home when someone approaches.
Hook up a radio to a timer to provide a little extra noise as well.
Remove Temptation

  • Don’t leave ladders sitting beside your house or in your garage that could be used to get to the second floor
  • Don’t step out for just a ‘few minutes’ and leave the door unlocked
  • Don’t garden in the backyard and leave the front door open/unlocked

A Security by N & K System Includes:

  • Complimentary consultation from a trained representative, which includes a customized quote specific to your home or office.
  • Systems may include one or more of the following: control panel, keypad, window and door contacts, motion detectors, glass breaks, keyfobs, panic pendants, smoke detectors, siren, back-up battery, Telco connection
  • N & K Lawn Signs and Window Decals
  • Monitoring Certificate for Home Insurance discount
  • Weekly remote testing of your security panel
  • 24/7 Monitoring of your home or business

When you display the N & K sign in your yard or at your business the intruder knows that N & K is in the area and on the way. 

If you would like some help answering questions, please call us at: 780-389-4370

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